Vet Technician

Hometown: Some of my fondest childhood memories are those travelling around a little village of Grigaiciai, Lithuania.

Pets: Two loves of my life - a gorgeous German shepherd, Vega, and foxy Siberian husky, Snaige - had to stay behind in Lithuania when I moved to sunny Scottsdale, but in the near future I would love nothing more than to adopt a friend.

Every summer my grandpa and I would walk around the neighborhood providing the best of care to all the farm animals.  Reminiscing of those light days, in the spring of 2017 I decided to join KC Animal Hospital.  I love caring for and playing with all of the furry animal members that you bring to the hospital and to board.  In return, I get many many sweet wet smooches. When I am not here, I love traveling, going to games, and enjoying tea.