Arizona is beautiful this time of year.  Most of us are planning on taking our furry friends outside to enjoy this beautiful Arizona weather.  However, this is also the time of year when Rattlesnakes are doing the same.  

Dogs, especially those who live Arizona, can encounter rattlesnakes on walks or in their yards. Though dogs also have a natural fear of snakes, an overly curious dog can get bitten and a rattlesnake can strike without first being seen. KC Animal Hospital offers a  rattlesnake vaccine which reduces the effects of a western diamondback rattlesnake bite and may also protect against the venom of other snakes.

When hiking with dogs in rattlesnake country, owners should stay on open paths and — for greater safety — keep their dogs on leashes. Digging under rocks or logs should be especially discouraged. Owners who live in a rattlesnake habitat should clear brush and firewood away from their homes and keep grass mowed in areas where their dogs frequent.

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