Dr. Daniel Pirotte

(Owner and Veterinarian)

Dr. Pirotte graduated from Kansas State University with a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 1984. Upon graduation, Dr. Pirotte relocated to Nevada where he accepted a position at Black Mountain Animal Hospital. During his time in Nevada, Dr. Pirotte had the honor of being mentored by Dr. Bojrab and Dr. Hoefle, who are both highly respected veterinary surgeons. This mentorship cultivated Dr. Pirotte’s interest in orthopedic procedures, which prompted his attendance of a course at Ohio State University on bone plating and orthopedic procedures. In 1989, Dr. Pirotte opened up KC Animal Hospital with the vision of providing excelling medical care to clients; becoming a part of their lives and watching their families grow. He has made a commitment to continue his education, by attending conferences and seminars.

Fun Fact: Dr. Pirotte has treated Wayne Newton’s penguins.

Dr. Gabe Cox, DVM


Dr. Cox was born and raised in Laurel, Maryland. He received his undergraduate education at Concordia University in Michigan, where he was an academic All American football player. He then attended veterinary school at Virginia Tech and graduated with his DVM degree in 2019. He began his veterinary career at a small animal general practice/emergency clinic in New Jersey and then relocated to Phoenix, AZ where he has worked for the last 3 years . His main interests in veterinary medicine are surgery, internal medicine, and emergency medicine.

Fun Fact: When he is not working, you will find him at the gym, hiking, or doing anything that keeps him active!

Alexis Diaz

(Practice Manager)

Alexis has been a member of the KC team since 2019. She started as a Lead Veterinary Technician and was then promoted to Practice Manager. She graduated from the University of Arizona with a B.S in Animal Science Industries and Business and is also a Certified Pet Groomer.

When Alexis isn’t at KC, she enjoys creating new things, reading, and spending time with her 3 cats named Finn, Steve, and Drax, rabbit named Stanley, leopard geckos named Jim Halpert and Luke Skywalker, and her puppy named Zeppelin!

Fun Fact: Alexis taught an armadillo how to play fetch during her internship at Pacific Animal Productions and she taught her cat Steve how to high-five.

Marlee Rodriguez, CVT

(Certified Veterinary Technician)

Marlee has been a member of the KC team since 2020. She graduated from Pima Medical Institute and became a Certified Veterinary Technician in May of 2019. Marlee has been caring for animals her whole life and has always known that it was her destiny to work in the Veterinary Field.

When Marlee isn’t working at KC, you can find her enjoying the outdoors, crafting, or spending time with her 2 orange tabby cats named Quinn and Cheddar and her 2 ball pythons named Delilah and Foster.

Favorite Quote: “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. I read that one on a can of lemonade. I like to think it applies to life.” -Andy Dwyer

Danielle Bird

(Veterinary Technician)

Danielle has been a member of the KC team since 2019. She started as an Animal Care Attendant and quickly moved up, becoming a Veterinary Technician. Danielle has a passion for Animal Behavior and hopes to develop her Veterinary Technician skills as she starts school at Penn Foster. Danielle also grew up on a farm and has much experience with animals.

When Danielle isn’t at KC, she is usually playing fetch with her dog Amelia, hanging out with her cat named Todd or watching documentaries.

Favorite Animal: Sea Turtles because she had the opportunity to swim with these amazing creatures in Hawaii and she fell in love.

Megan Sagdahl

(Veterinary Technician)

Megan has been a member of the KC Family since 2022 as a Veterinary Receptionist and has since been promoted to a Veterinary Technician. Megan has brought many smiles and positivity since starting at KC and our clinic would not be the same without her. Currently Megan is enrolled in the Veterinary Technician Program at Penn Foster and hopes to keep advocating for the ones who don’t have a voice.

When Megan isn’t working, she is usually spending time at the park with her 2 dogs named Tinkerbell and Moose, spending time with her 4 cats named Manny, Maizey, Tsuki, and Yuki, or working out!

Favorite Quote: “Most things we worry about never happen anyway.” -Tom Petty

Ashley Nickey

(Veterinary Technician)

Ashley has been a part of our KC team since 2023 and she has been a great addition! Before KC, Ashley graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater with a B.S. in Biology. Her favorite part of working at KC is that she has the opportunity to constantly learn and grow her skills with the help and support of her coworkers and doctors.

When Ashley isn’t working at KC, you can find her dog training, sewing, hiking, or playing with her 3 dogs, cat, or bearded dragon!

Favorite Quote: “Consistency is more important than perfection.”

Melyssa Avina

(Veterinary Technician and Receptionist)

Melyssa became a part of our KC team recently and has brought a friendly and positive vibe to our front desk. Melyssa graduated with an Associates Degree in Veterinary Technology and has 4 years on experience in the vet field. Her favorite part of working at KC Animal Hospital is that it is family oriented and has a family first feel.

When Melyssa isn’t working, you can find her hanging out with her 2 fur babies Kona and Nala, watching movies, cooking, or trying new things.

Fun Fact: Melyssa has actually saved 2 people from drowning!

Jacqueline Davidson

(Veterinary Technician)

Jacque has been a part of our KC family in 2024 and has been a wonderful addition to our technician team. Currently Jacque is enrolled at ASU and working towards her bachelor’s degree in biology. After she graduates, she plans on applying to veterinary school! Her favorite part of working at KC is the “homey” vibe from the staff and clients themselves.

When Jacque isn’t working at KC, you can find her playing with her rabbit named Green Bean, her cat named Tiny, coloring, reading, or working on arts and craft projects!

Biggest Accomplishment: Moving away from her family to create a life in Arizona!

Ashley Guiterrez

(Veterinary Assistant)

Ashley joined our team this summer as a Veterinary Assistant. She is currently going to school at ASU, where she is studying Applied Biological Science with an emphasis in Pre-veterinary Medicine. Ashley’s favorite part about working at KC is our family-like environment and getting the opportunity to help as many animals as she can.

When Ashley isn’t working, you can find her hanging out with her friends, hiking, going to the gym, or playing with her dog named Luna!

Biggest Accomplishment: She is the first in her family to go to college.

Jamie Ordonez


Jamie has been a member of the KC team since 2019. Jamie has been a Pet Groomer for over 8 years and her biggest accomplishment is falling into a career that she truly loves and makes her happy each and every day.

When Jamie is not at KC, she is hanging out with her husband or cuddling her 2 dogs named Jakie Poopie Doodle, and Baxter.

Favorite Quote: “If you’re early you’re on time, if you’re on time you’re late.”

Aly Case

(Veterinary Receptionist)

Aly joined our team in 2023 and has always wanted to be a part of the veterinary field and has experience working with Game & Wildlife. Aly’s favorite part of working at KC Animal Hospital is getting to see animals each and every day.

When Aly isn’t working, you can find her singing, country dancing, making arts & crafts, or hanging out with her dog named Willow.

Favorite Quote: “Happiness depends upon ourselves” -Aristotle

Chantelle Molison

(Veterinary Receptionist)

Chantelle joined our team in 2023 and has brought organization and structure to our front desk. Chantelle has 6 pets and is most passionate about giving them the best and happiest lives possible. Her favorite part of working at KC Animal Hospital is getting to know and work with her co-workers.

When Chantelle isn’t at KC, you can find her hanging out with friends, working out, painting, or hanging out with her fur babies!

Favorite Quote: “Just keep swimming” -Dory from Finding Nemo

Skylar French

(Veterinary Receptionist)

Skylar is one of our newest members at KC Animal Hospital! Skylar enlisted into the Navy after high school and is now going to school for Anthropology. She loves connecting and learning about our client’s and patient’s lives and cultures.

When Skylar isn’t at KC, you can find her playing volleyball, hanging out with her dog Olive or her cat Harvi, working out, or reading.

Favorite Animal: Dogs because they are loyal, love unconditionally, and have interesting personalities.

Taylor Tuck

(Veterinary Receptionist)

Taylor became part of the KC team in 2024 and has brought a bubbly and fun face to our front desk. Taylor is very passionate about teaching and coaching and was even a gymnastics coach for 3 years. Taylor’s favorite part about working at KC is getting to interact and work with animals.

When Taylor isn’t working, you can find her enjoying the outdoors, eating, doing gymnastics, or hanging out with her 2 dogs and 2 rabbits!

Fun Fact: She is a twin!

Olivia Rankin

(Lead Animal Care Attendant)

Olivia started at KC Animal Hospital as a Seasonal Animal Care Attendant last summer and has now joined our team Full-Time! Olivia always has a smile on her face and loves welcoming and playing with all her boarding pets.
When Olivia isn’t working, you can find her playing with her dog named Livi or singing!

Favorite Animal: Dolphins, because they are cute!

Taylor Menne

(Animal Care Attendant)

Taylor started at KC as an Part-time Animal Care Attendant in December 2023. Taylor is currently enrolled at ASU and pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Taylor is looking forward to learning more skills at KC Animal Hospital and working towards her dreams.
When Taylor isn’t working, you can find her hiking with friends, taking care of her dogs, or going to school!


(Lead House Cat)

Lily came to KC Animal Hospital as a stray in 2011. Lily is always keeping in eye out for her technicians and doesn’t allow the animals to get out of control.

Lily enjoys her hospital life, she can always be found lying on or pushing items off the counters, telling us her complaints, or sleeping in her comfy beds.

Fun Fact: Lily loves to play with moving toys. If it wiggles or runs from her, she is ready to pounce!


(Lead House Bird)

Chicken was surrendered to KC Animal Hospital in 2023 due to the excessive plucking of his feathers. Chicken is a Red Lored Amazon and has grown back many of his beautiful feathers since becoming a KC team member!

Now, Chicken lives at our front desk where he loves to greet and interact with our clients and patients.

Fun Fact: Chicken doesn’t like bright colors!