Dr. Daniel Pirotte

(Owner and Veterinarian)

Dr. Pirotte graduated from Kansas State University with a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 1984. Upon graduation, Dr. Pirotte relocated to Nevada where he accepted a position at Black Mountain Animal Hospital. During his time in Nevada, Dr. Pirotte had the honor of being mentored by Dr. Bojrab and Dr. Hoefle, who are both highly respected veterinary surgeons. This mentorship cultivated Dr. Pirotte’s interest in orthopedic procedures, which prompted his attendance of a course at Ohio State University on bone plating and orthopedic procedures. In 1989, Dr. Pirotte opened up KC Animal Hospital with the vision of providing excelling medical care to clients; becoming a part of their lives and watching their families grow. He has made a commitment to continue his education, by attending conferences ad seminars.

Fun Fact: Dr. Pirotte has treated Wayne Newton’s penguins.

Alexis Diaz

(Practice Manager and Groomer)

Alexis has been a member of the KC team since 2019. She started as a Lead Veterinary Technician and was then promoted to Practice Manager. She graduated from the University of Arizona with a B.S in Animal Science Industries and Business and is also a Certified Pet Groomer.

When Alexis isn’t at KC, she enjoys creating new things, reading, and spending time with her 2 tabby cats named Finn and Steve, a rabbit named Stanley, Leopard Gecko named Jim Halpert, and Sulcata Tortoise named Olivia Benson, and her puppy named Zeppelin!

Fun Fact: Alexis taught an armadillo how to play fetch during her internship at Pacific Animal Productions and she taught her cat, Steve, how to high-five.

Marlee Rodriguez, CVT

(Certified Veterinary Technician)

Marlee has been a member of the KC team since 2020. She graduated from Pima Medical Institute and became a Certified Veterinary Technician in May of 2019. Marlee has been caring for animals her whole life and has always known that it was her destiny to work in the Veterinary Field.

When Marlee isn’t working at KC, you can find her enjoying the outdoors, crafting, or spending time with her 2 orange tabby cats named Quinn and Cheddar and her 2 ball pythons named Delilah and Foster.

Favorite Quote: “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. I read that one on a can of lemonade. I like to think it applies to life.” -Andy Dwyer

Kimberlie Hoesli

(Veterinary Technician)

Kimberlie joined the KC team in 2021 as an Animal Care Attendant and has since been promoted to a Veterinary Technician position. Kimberlie graduated from Veterinary Tech school in May 2022 and will be taking her CVT this year. Kimberlie’s favorite part of working at KC is that we are one big family and that we get to help every animal that works through our door.

When Kimberlie is not working at KC, you can find her camping, off-roading, or traveling. She has 1 Rottweiler named Freya and lives with 2 other dogs, a miniature horse, a goat, a sheep, and a pig.

Fun Fact: Kimberlie was born and raised in Sweden and speaks Swedish fluently.

Danielle Bird

(Veterinary Technician)

Danielle has been a member of the KC team since 2019. She started as an Animal Care Attendant and quickly moved up, becoming a Veterinary Technician. Danielle has a passion for Animal Behavior and hopes to develop her Veterinary Technician skills as she starts school at Penn Foster. Danielle also grew up on a farm and has much experience with animals.

When Danielle isn’t at KC, she is usually playing fetch with her dog Amelia, hanging out with her cat named Todd or watching documentaries.

Favorite Animal: Sea Turtles because she had the opportunity to swim with these amazing creatures in Hawaii and she fell in love.

Chloe O’Brien

(Veterinary Technician)

Chloe came to KC Animal Hospital first as a Veterinary Technician Intern from Pima Medical Institute in 2021 then she decided to stay with us full time. Chloe has always had a profound love for animals but never knew how she could spend her time with them in a meaningful way. Unsure of what she wanted to do with her life, she started school to get her foot in the door of the Veterinary field. Almost after 2 years, she is now finishing up her classes and gearing up to become a CVT.

When Chloe isn’t working or going to school, you will typically find her watching TV with her cat named Athena, cooking/trying new vegan food, spending time with family and friends, or spending time outside.

Favorite animal: Pigs! She loves them so much that she has one tattooed on her arm.

Megan Sagdahl

(Veterinary Assistant)

Megan started at KC in February of 2022. Megan is a new member of our KC team but has made our hospital grow with her smile and positivity. Megan’s favorite part of working at KC is the atmosphere and having the opportunity to help all animals, even if it’s just a nail trim. Megan’s career goal is to become a veterinarian.

When Megan isn’t at KC, you can find her taking walks with her 2 canine kiddos named Tinkerbell and Moose, cuddling with her 2 cats named Manny and Maizey, reading, or listening to true crime podcasts.

Favorite Quote: “Most things I worry ‘bout, never happen anyway.” -Tom Petty

Brianna Chen

(Veterinary Assistant)

Brianna is our newest member here at KC Animal Hospital. Brianna joined our family in May 2022 and has grown immensely in just a few weeks. Brianna will be graduating from ASU with a B.S in Biology soon and is hoping to find a career in Veterinary Research one day. She is most passionate about conservation, sustainability, and helping maintain our current species and natural beauties for many generations to come.

When Brianna is not working at KC, you can find her traveling, hiking, reading, hanging out with her 3 cats named Simba, Freckles, and Minnie, cuddling her pup named Ruffles, or preparing for her new baby snake.

Fun Fact: Brianna is a Lab Coordinator at ASU and works with all kinds of reptiles such as Gila Monsters, snakes, and iguanas!

Braden Walters

(Veterinary Assistant and CCR)

Braden has recently joined our KC family for the summer and has jumped right in. Braden in currently enrolled at the University of Wisconsin and is obtaining a degree in Pre-Vet and a minor in Chinese.

When Braden is not at KC or school, you can find him enjoying anything outside, being active, traveling, or hanging out with his 2 furry pals Jake and Evie.

Fun Fact: Braden is a Collegiate Division 1 athlete for swimming and has placed in the Top 8 in the National Competitions.

Giselle Diaz

(Veterinary Assistant and Lead Animal Care Attendant)

Giselle joined the KC team in 2020 and has had a major impact on updating and care of our boarding facility. Giselle’s favorite part of working at KC Animal Hospital is getting to see all of KC’s happy boarders.

When Giselle isn’t working at KC, she is typically sleeping or binging watching shows with her cat Salem.

Favorite Animal: Cows! Because they’re like big puppies and they are super cute.

Matthew Jones

(Animal Care Attendant)

Matthew joined the KC team in April 2022 and has been a great addition. Matthew is a former U.S Airman and served 6 year in the United States Air Force. Now he is currently enrolled in Pima Medical Institute to become a Vet Technician and also works as a Corrections Officer on his off days. Matthew is extremely passionate about the understanding of general animal care and ensuring a general connection to all animals.

When Matthew is not working, you can find him hiking, free climbing, writing poetry, and doing yoga.

Favorite Animal: Spiders, more specifically the Arizona Blond Tarantula because it looks cool and also because they scare his brother.

Bryana Sandoval

(Lead CCR)

Bryana joined our KC family in 2021 as a Customer Care Representative and is now our Lead CCR. Her favorite part of working the KC front desk is getting to welcome all the cute pets that walk through the door. Bryana is currently enrolled in college and working on receiving a B.S in Biological Science with Pre-vet studies.

When Bryana is not smiling at the front desk, she can be found spending time with her son, painting, doing yoga, or playing with her Siberian husky named Nalu.

Fun Fact: Bryana speaks 3 different languages and is working on learning her 4th!

Quincie Rhodes


Quincie recently joined our KC team in March 2022 and has become the light of the front desk team. Quincie’s favorite part of working at KC is building relationships with the clients, fellow team members, and of course the pets. Quincie’s goal is to start a Veterinary Technician program and work with animals for the rest of her life.

When Quincie isn’t working, you can find her cuddling with her 2 cats; Killeen and Marceline, hanging out with her 3 rats named Atlas, Sprite, and Clancy, or playing with her Great Dane named Eadric.

Favorite animal: Quincie’s favorite animal is a rat, because they are super smart, loving, and so cute despite their stigma associated with them.

Jamie Ordonez


Jamie has been a member of the KC team since 2019. Jamie has been a Pet Groomer for 8 years and her biggest accomplishment is falling into a career that she truly loves and makes her happy each and every day.

When Jamie is not at KC, she is hanging out with her husband or cuddling her 3 dogs named Nana Banana, Jakie Poopie Doodle, and Baxter.

Favorite Quote: “If you’re early you’re on time, if you’re on time you’re late.”


(Lead House Cat)

Lily came to KC Animal Hospital as a stray in 2011. Lily keeps an eye out for her technicians and doesn’t allow the animals to get out of control.

Lily enjoys her hospital life, she can always be found lying on or pushing items off the counters, telling us her complaints, or sleeping in her comfy beds.

Fun Fact: Lily loves to play with moving toys. If it wiggles or runs from her, she is ready to pounce!


(House Cat)

Cooper entered our family in 2020. Cooper was a stray cat that wanted nothing else than to be an indoor cat. One of your KC technicians then brought him to KC, and he has never left!

When Cooper isn’t greeting all the KC patients and clients, you can find him sunbathing in his cat hammock, watching people eat, snuggling, or sleeping.

Fun Fact: Cooper enjoys watching videos for cats on YouTube and Disney movies!