As a major part of our practice, we offer pet dentistry in Scottsdale, AZ. Dental health is an integral part of a long and happy life for your pet. Pets aren’t able to brush their own teeth, and daily accumulation of plaque leads to tartar buildup. The tartar and bacteria cause the gums to become infected during a condition called Gingivitis. Gingivitis progresses to periodontal disease if the teeth are not cleaned at least once yearly. Annual dental cleanings will stop bacteria from being released into the body, which can damage the heart, liver, and kidneys. This damage is often irreversible, but it is highly preventable.

Periodontal disease causes tooth mobility, abscess, and tooth loss. Pets with severe periodontal disease will require extractions, which increase the cost of the procedure. Prevention is less costly than oral surgery, which is why pet dental cleanings in Scottsdale are necessary and prudent.

Imagine if, as humans, we NEVER brushed our teeth. Our teeth would become diseased in much the same way as our pets’. As you can see in the photos above, there is an immediate difference in your pet’s oral health, comfort, and (most importantly) their BREATH!

General anesthesia is required to perform an appropriate dental cleaning on cats and dogs. We do NOT recommend “anesthesia-free” dental cleanings. For more information, call to speak with one of our technicians or doctors about the need for general anesthesia. All precautions are taken during this process including, iv catheterization and iv fluids, monitoring by a technician throughout the procedure, and recovery in our ICU under the supervision of the doctor. You can learn more about the process below.

What is happening when I leave my pet for a dental cleaning?

  • Check in, consent forms, consult with technician
  • Vitals collection, kennel check-in
  • Pre-anesthesia blood testing, EKG for older pets
  • Doctor evaluates bloodwork, clears for surgery
  • Place IV Catheter
  • Pre-Anesthesia exam by the doctor
  • Medications given to prep for anesthesia
  • Induce anesthesia, secure breathing tube, attach monitoring equipment
  • One technician is in charge of monitoring the anesthesia

Dental Cleaning Steps:

  • Oral exam, assessment
  • Use of an ultrasonic dental scaler to remove tartar
  • Use of dental hand tools to remove any residual tartar and plaque under the gumline
  • Gingival pocket charting
  • Dental radiographs as needed
  • Extractions or treatments as needed
  • Polishing
  • Apply Fluoride gel
  • Recovering from anesthesia in the ICU
  • Call owner to discuss pick-up time
  • Recheck temperature, make chart notes
  • Dogs walked outside
  • Remove IV catheter if temperature is normal
  • Prepare before and after pictures, go home instructions
  • Fill prescriptions and prepare discharge paperwork
  • Clean up pet post-dental, recheck temperature
  • Consultation with technician regarding medications and home care, consultation with the doctor regarding dental issues and procedure.

See our Dental Video for more information!