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Where to take your loved one for pet boarding in Scottsdale is a big decision! At KC Animal Hospital, we provide a full service boarding facility to give peace of mind to our clients while they are away from their pet. Our staff members are mature, dependable individuals who choose to work in a boarding facility because they genuinely love animals. While you are away, we strive to make their experience here as close to home as possible. A low stress, loving environment is what we provide for our guests. Therefore, we encourage owners to bring a few “comforts of home” items such as treats, beds, and toys to our Scottsdale boarding facility.

Boarding Agreement Form

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At check-in time, our receptionists and boarding staff will spend about 10-15 minutes with you. They will go over consent forms with you, organize your pet’s care, and document all your preferences and instructions. At that time, they will coordinate any treatments your pet will need.


Dogs are required to be current on:

  • Distemper/Parvo
  • Bordetella
  • Rabies

**Special Note** We no longer require the Leptospirosis vaccination, however we do highly recommend it

Cats are required to be current on:

  • Rabies

We are happy to obtain vaccine records from other hospitals with your consent.

Flea and Tick Prevention

We require a flea and tick treatment within 30 days of their boarding stay. This is to protect your pet as well as our kennel from the intrusion of ectoparasites. We can provide this treatment unless your pet is currently on a monthly product at home. If a product is used at home, we appreciate our clients bringing in the package so the product and dosage can be recorded in their medical record. Complete medical records are essential to quality veterinary care. This must be a “spot-on” product that is applied to the skin directly (baths, dips, and powders are not appropriate for a boarding environment).


If your pet requires any medication administration during their stay, you will also meet with a technician at check-in time. We appreciate clients bringing original packages that list medication names, dosages, and frequency of administration (in case it’s needed in an emergency). A trained veterinary technician will administer your pet’s medications throughout their stay, monitoring them for any symptoms or problems while you are away. There is a daily fee for these services.

Food and Treats

We are happy to provide adult dry food for all our guests. We do recommend that pets with sensitive stomachs have their own food with them to prevent stomach upset from a sudden food change. Either option will be fed to your specifications. If stomach upset does occur, for any reason, it can be addressed by our doctors as soon as symptoms appear to make your pet as comfortable as possible. We can never anticipate sickness while your pet is boarding, but any acute illness will be addressed by the doctors, and a technician will contact you regarding any services they may need.

Check-in and Reservations

Check in is available Monday through Friday 7:30am to 5:30pm and Saturdays from 8:00am to 1:00pm. Our front office is closed on Sundays. Arrangements can be made for an after hours pick up, however, this must be arranged in advance.

Patients cannot be discharged Sunday without prior notice for safety and security reasons. There is an after-hours fee of $21.00 per pet. We appreciate your understanding when we ask for payment at drop-off time as our front office is closed on Sunday.



Service Price $
Day Care $18.00 (Per day)
Standard Boarding $30 (Per night)
Medical/Geriatric Boarding $50 (Per night)


Day Care Price per day $
Less than 20lbs $23
21-50lbs $28
51-90lbs $33
More than 90lbs $38
Standard Boarding Price per night $
Less than 20lbs $40
21-50lbs $43
51-90lbs $46
More than 90lbs $49
Medical/Geriatric Boarding $55

*Note-This pricing is for healthy boarding animals without medical conditions.  Prices may vary for pets needing additional care.

Boarding Flea & Tick Prevention Price
4-10 lbs $31.03
10.1-24 lbs $31.60
24.1-60 lbs $32.18
60.1-121 lbs $32.46


Additional Service Price $ Per Pet
Nail Trim $21.16
Nail Trim w/ Dremel $29.56
A/G Expression $39.86
Kennel Bath $31.50
Bath & Brush Quoted at Check In
Full Groom Quoted at Check In
Ear Cleaning $53.46
Canine VIP Package* $25
Feline VIP Package* $15


*VIP Package: Includes an extra walk, a frozen treat, playtime with the Animal Care Team