Welcome to KC Animal Hospital & Pet Resort

KC Animal Hospital has been a part of the Scottsdale community since 1989 and was built on the foundation that all pets, no matter how big or small deserve the best veterinary care available. Here at KC Animal Hospital, we make it our goal to support clients throughout their pet’s lifetime and present them with the necessary tools and education to help them enhance their pet’s health and quality of life.

KC Animal Hospital & Pet Resort is devoted to your pet’s wellbeing.

At our full-service animal hospital, you’ll find a wide range of veterinary services to keep your pets in excellent health, from wellness exams to internal medicine, dental care, grooming, and boarding.

It is important to us that both our clients and their pets receive phenomenal care at KC Animal Hospital. We look forward to welcoming you and your pet to our clinic.

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Our Mission Statement

(Revised on October 2023)

“At KC Animal Hospital, we focus on providing a compassionate and safe environment for both our clients and their pets so that we as a TEAM can enhance your pet’s quality and quantity of life.”

The veterinarian’s oath includes the promise ‘to protect animal health and welfare, prevent and relieve animal suffering.’ It is a noble profession that demands a selfless commitment to serving the needs of animals.”

– AVMA President Tom Meyer



“We work as a team to improve/ensure the health and wellbeing of our community’s pets.”


“We embrace a personalized, focused, compassionate approach to client and patient care. We consider it a privilege to care for your pets and develop personal relationships with our clients.”


“We value our client’s personal growth and happiness as well as our own. Our doctors and staff are proud of our commitment to continuing education and community involvement.”


“We are committed to providing the highest standard of veterinary care and client satisfaction. We value moral and ethical principles and will continually work to build relationships based on honesty and trust.”